How to market a startup – the story beings here!

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I am going to keep you guys updated with the state of our marketing campaign here at Upstart. Firstly, it’s important to realize that the marketing efforts are based on everyone involved with the business – so here at Upstart that would be @pgager@chrisincambo and myself, @jensendarren. We are all blogging, all tweeting and all promoting our startup in anyway that we can. We are studying, reading, researching, learning, testing and generally having a lot of fun getting the word out about our product! Not to mention, of course, we are building it too ;)

So where are we at and where do we want to go?

  • Blog running for about 1 month
  • Analytics running for about 1 week
  • 100 unique visitors
  • 32 unique visitors in one day
  • 3% have signed up to learn about our beta launch

We are a startup just like the clients who we hope will use our software. We have the same issues as every startup. We are experiencing the same hurdles, challenges, pit-falls and rewards. We are just like you, in fact! In a nutshell, without going into the specifics, we have an online, subscription based software that we want to tell the world about.  In particular, we want to tell our potential clients about us. Currently our potential clients are other software startup companies but this will broaden to encompas other industries once we reach this beachhead.

What are we doing about marketing?

Your reading it! No seriously, the blog plays a big part in our marketing campaign but it’s more than that. For example, we are already using our software with some of our other startups and clients to make them aware and get real early stage feedback on the product. Additionally, and this is the fun part, we are all heading out to Singapore this evening to attend a web startups conference – Echelon 2010. We have worked tirelessly over the last few weeks to get the product in a presentable state for this conference so that we can demonstrate it to any interested parties. Having said that the real benefit of attending this conference is to listen to other startups experiences and use that a way to feedback some features into our software.


Blogging, tweeting, emailing, talking, using and sharing the product early on as well as attending conferences like Echelon 2010 will certainly create some buzz. It will be interesting to check the Analytics for this site to see how many people we talk to in Singapore check us out and if they send a referal to their contacts. Currently, in our very young age that we are, we have had exactly 100 unique visitors (highest unique visits in one day was 32), which is not bad since we only started blogging regularly this month (and we only setup Analytics last week)!

The real win is that out of the 100 unique visitors we have have 3% signup to be notified of our product release! Again, not bad turnaround in my honest opionion! I would like to say a big thank you to all 3 of you!! I hope there will be many more to come! :)

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